Football Santander & UCL Player Of The Week

For the 2018/19 season Santander went to Goal Studios to help activate their brand partnership with the UEFA Champions League. Production crews filmed a Player of The Week video series with brand ambassador Ronaldo and it was up to me to produce the template for the video series. This involved taking the raw footage, cleaning it, grading it and adding in a fake TV screens. I also produced all the graphics inside the TV and the animated Champions League ball etc. I then passed this template onto freelancers to populate after the week’s fixtures on Wednesday night for the video to go out in the morning.

I also produced the winner reveal video each week – editing clips together with stats and graphics. The project involved working with account managers, freelancers and the Santander brand team to make sure we aligned all our content. All the videos were required in three languages: English, Spanish & Portuguese which added another layer of complexity to the project.

Santander VFX

Project Organisation

POTW Nominee & Winners Videos.